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More than 90 different options in colour, shape and varietiesof natural slabs and engineered natural translucent stone bricks or panels.Marble and granite tiles - Stone artwork , the 1 stop shop place in the stone worldAlabaster, the queen of translucent stones and more than 200 other (semi) precious stones are available.Alabaster (sometimes called satin spar or moonstone ) is a name applied to a natural stone of a fine-grained, translucent variety of very pure gypsum, generally white or delicately shaded with grey, white cloudy, gold or brown veins.“When the alabaster panels are lit they transcend their form and become alive .Their peaceful and powerful presence is undeniable. A sense of wonder will dance around the translucient panels. Like celestial beings, the alabaster panels carry a message that speak to the people about our most profound questions. They speak of beauty, majesty, mystery and hope. They make the light in between heaven and earth visible. Rooted in the past, glowing at the present .”Materially, the natural alabaster is from the Jurassic period when the ice-bergs did melt down and created huge lakes . The alabaster is the evaporate of ancient inland seas. The alabaster boulders are like stoned “ teardrops” , like petrified water full of emotion, sawed into panels … To achieve and reveal the essence of these stones, only remarkable love, passion and dedication can meet this task. And this requires a lifetime of skill and developed aesthetic. We are reviving a rare material and seldom used gemstone that conjures up images of the Golden Age of Pharaons , Roman Empire , Renaissance sculptures or the mystic Sanas Kingdom in Yemen.

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Translucent Marble mosaics

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Translucent Stone